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Mineral water

Mineral water

We stand for two well-known natural mineral waters: Passugger and Allegra. They originate in the same region in the canton of Graubünden, but are drawn from two different springs, which means that each water has its own unmistakable notes.

Allegra and Passugger: Two springs, one company

Passugger, our company classic, bubbles from the Theophil spring in the Rabiusa Gorge. The spring was first commercialised around 140 years ago; however, the earliest mentions of the spring can be traced back to the year 1562. This water has been bottled since 1896.

The Allegra spring is located in Passugger’s neighbouring village of Malix. The spring gives the water its name. Allegra is softer than Passugger. Initially launched on the market in 1991 exclusively as a still water, it has also been sold in a carbonated version known as Allegra Finin since 2009. Allegra Finin is effectively our medium mineral water. It contains slightly less carbon dioxide than Passugger, and its perlage is finer.

Designer glass bottles for fine dining

In collaboration with Graubünden architect Valerio Olgiati, we have created beautiful and elegantly artistic glass bottles for high-class gastronomic venues. A special feature of our service is that we can also offer Passugger and Allegra with labels designed individually for the customer.

Traditional curative waters for modern times

What is more: The Allegra Passugger family of mineral springs also includes the historic curative springs in Passugg, with the evocative names Ulricus, Helene, Fortunatus and Belvedra. We are currently working to make their high-quality mineral waters available to Swiss customers once again.

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