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Passugger and Allegra symbolise respect for our mineral water heritage. We consider the stewardship of our springs in the mountains of Graubünden to be our responsibility, and we are very happy to take on this task as proprietors of the company. We are an ecologically, economically and socially responsible business, with personal commitment and conscious value orientation.

Solar plant and Climaqua Fund

Many decisions in our company, both large and small, are influenced by considerations of sustainability. For example, we frequently receive enquiries about Passugger from potential customers abroad. However, we have decided that this does not make sense from an environmental perspective, due to excessive transport distances involved.

We are working to gradually reduce our consumption of resources. This is why we invested in a solar plant in Passugg in 2020. We set up our Climaqua Fund in order to support people and projects working to protect water in Switzerland and to ensure that the next generation will, we hope, be able to experience Switzerland as a natural reservoir of pure, high quality water.

Climate neutral and slow growth

Since 2020, we have been a climate neutral company. We compensate for any emissions that we still produce, despite our best efforts, by working together with ClimatePartner to support a mountain forest project.

In Passugg, we not only bottle our mineral water climate neutrally; we also care for our employees and are absolutely committed to a sustainable company culture. We see sustainability as an all-encompassing system. Our objective is not rapid growth; rather, we strive to adopt a long-term perspective.