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Allegra PassuggerMineralquellen stands for natural mineral water. We place great emphasis on the careful stewardship of our waters. This starts at the spring in Passugg and ends with the restaurant guests who can enjoy the precious riches of the mountains in every sip.

We don’t measure our success in terms of profits

Our water symbolises a perfect circularity in everything that we do. For us, nature is as important as the logistics of the gastronomic sector; the well-being of our staff is worthy of as much consideration as that of our consumers. Allegra PassuggerMineralquellen is not aiming to grow as quickly as possible. We give our products and relationships time – just as our H2O needs years in the mountains to become the mineral water that we bottle at the spring.

Graubünden-based and owner-managed

Behind the philosophy of slow growth and deep roots lies the passion of the owners, who also hold the fortunes of the company in their hands. The present CEO, Urs Schmid, who has long years of experience in the drinks industry, bought the mineral springs back from the firm Feldschlösschen in 2005. He was supported in doing so by a handful of Graubünden entrepreneurs. “My motivation for embarking on this adventure was the idea that one of Graubünden’s best-known mineral springs might be managed and shaped by locals, rather than being swallowed up by a corporation”, says Urs Schmid. Another important motivation for him was value-oriented entrepreneurship that would be of benefit to many.

Since the takeover, Allegra and Passugger have symbolised the calm self-image of the inhabitants of Graubünden, and a striving for excellent quality. We believe that we have an obligation to consider regional suppliers and sustainability. Wherever possible, we prioritise partnerships within the region.

A company led by two co-owners

In 2006, Urs Schmid recruited drinks expert PatrikHemmi to join Passugger – and today, Hemmi is the company’s COO and co-owner. Together with the approximately 30 employees, the two managers personally stand for excellent quality, freshness, taste and sustainability. Or, in other words: They stand for sharing a truly exceptional gift of nature with their customers.