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Welcome to Allegra PassuggerMineralquellen

Welcome to Allegra PassuggerMineralquellen. As proprietors of the brands Allegra and Passugger, we are privileged to be the custodians and stewards of this natural mineral water. We are one of the very few mineral water springs in Switzerland not managed by a large corporation.

Our mineral water is born in natural springs in the Alpine region of Graubünden. Passugger collects in subterranean slate caverns at the very back of the Rabiusa Gorge in Passugg. Allegra comes to the surface in the neighbouring village of Malix, where it is tapped.

The natural mineral water probably takes up to 30 years to pass through rock, stone, slate and gravel, in the course of which time it is cleaned and simultaneously enriched with valuable minerals and trace elements. We have always sought to manage this very precious natural resource in a responsible and sustainable manner.



Based in Passugg in Graubünden, our company is rooted in the region and its landscape. As an owner-operated business, we are fortunate to be able to work without pressure.

Two brands, one philosophy

We hold our two brands Allegra and Passugger very close to our hearts. We develop our waters carefully, always thinking ahead to the future. As we do so, we are responsive to the needs of our customers, as well as our natural environment, and we always keep the well-being of our staff in mind.

And of course we always prioritise considerations of taste as we continue to develop our range. We only bottle waters that satisfy our own senses. For example, we have always sold Passugger exclusively as a carbonated water, since the perlage process gives the water that harmonious freshness

that we love so much. However, we very much enjoy drinking both still and sparkling versions of Allegra.

A new source for a new taste experience

We are passionate about offering our customers even more benefits. We are currently undertaking detailed observations of the traditional Ulricus curative spring, and are planning to relaunch this water, which is extremely rich in minerals. We are also working on new bottle sizes for our “Special Edition”.


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