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To understand our raison d’être, look at our history. In the dynamic market place in which we operate, it acts as our guide and our anchor.



First written reference to the “Arasker Wässerlin” (Arask stream) by Johannes Antistes Fabricius. Fabricius recognises that the generally good health of the people in and around the Rabiusa Valley can be attributed to the local water. He links consumption of “Arask spring water” to prevention of goitre. Only much later is this confirmed to be due to the water’s high iodine content.


The springs are largely forgotten until Ulrich Sprecher, a master saddler and upholsterer from Chur, rediscovers the long-buried spring water sources in the Rabiusa Gorge when panning for gold.


The future Army Chief of Staff, Theophil von Sprecher, lays the foundation for commercial exploitation of the springs. He acquires them from the municipality of Malix and purchases a guesthouse.


A Zurich consortium purchases the springs, together with the infrastructure which has been created in the meantime.


Passugger Heilquellen AG is founded in Zurich. 20 shareholders subscribe to share capital of 300,000 francs. A hotel with spa, hiking trails, and a pump room is established in the Rabiusa Gorge.


The spa experiences a boom prior to the First World War, welcoming guests from around the world. On offer is the Passugger table water, Theophil, and the medicinal and curative waters Ulricus, Helene, Fortunatus and Belvedra.

The two World Wars see visitor numbers collapse and the spa rapidly declines; from this point, the company focuses primarily on the bottling of mineral water.


The right to exploit the Rhäzüns mineral spring is acquired.


An avalanche destroys bottling facilities and the pump room.


Bottling commences at the current production site. The site is expanded in four stages, in 1961, 1965, 1975 and 1991.


After an increase in share capital, the enterprise is 38% owned by a group of Graubünden shareholders, 34% owned by the Hürlimann brewery, and 28% owned by the Haldengut brewery.


The spa is finally closed, and the hotel sold to an international hospitality and tourism management school.


The still mineral water Allegra is bottled for the first time.


Feldschlösschen Getränke AG becomes the majority shareholder, and takes on responsibility for sales and marketing.


Feldschlösschen Getränke AG takes over and fully merges Passugger Heilquellen with the operations in Passugg and Rhäzüns.


A group of local investors acquires the Gräunbunden Allegra and Passugger brands from Feldschlösschen Getränke AG, and merges them into a single Graubünden company: Allegra Passugger Mineralquellen AG.


The Allegra brand is altered to match the standard corporate design. Although the waters come from two different sources, it is now visually clear that Allegra and Passugger are part of the same family.


Allegra Passugger Mineralquellen AG starts to sell both its mineral waters in PET bottles, therefore directly meeting one of its customers’ needs. The modern design has been developed together with the Graubünden architect Valerio Olgiati.

The Passugg Climaqua fund is established. Every PET bottle of Passugger or Allegra sold supports people and projects which are dedicated to sustainable water and climate protection.


Allegra Passugger Mineralquellen AG offers personalised labelling of the 50 cl PET bottles for the first time. The customer now has the opportunity to add their own text, image and logo to bottles.


Allegra Passugger Mineralquelle AG enters a partnership with the Graubünden energy utility Repower AG. For the very first time in Switzerland, a mineral water is produced using 100% green electricity.


At the turn of the year, Passugger and Allegra are launched in stylish 77 cl designer bottles, which perfectly reflect the high quality of both mineral waters.


A new 47 cl designer bottle is added to the Special Edition line.


In December, a new high-capacity PET bottling line is commissioned. This means that all PET bottles are now filled in Passugg, which reduces transport costs for bottle procurement by 90%. Running alongside this, the palletisation system is replaced by resource-efficient machines.


The positioning of Allegra Passugger Mineralquellen AG is changed to reflect its corporate values.