Passugger Climaqua-Fund

With the Climaqua Fund, the Passugger mineral springs support people an projects focusing on clean water and Climate protection in Graubünden and Switzerland.

To this end, Allegra Passugger Mineralquellen and Graubündner Kantonalbank (GKB) are collaborating: we want to make people aware of sustainable water projects when they drink mineral water. This ist why, in 2020, millions of glass mineral-water bottles will carry the message of the 150-year anniversary of GKB and ist support of the Passugger Climaqua Fund. With every bottle sold, GKB an the Passugger mineral springs will make a contribution to the Climaqua Fund set up by Allegra Passugger Mineralquellen AG.

Under #gkb2020 on social media, you can see which projects the Climaqua Fund is supporting.

We see it as a matter of course to meet our company's responsibilities to the environment. This is why our production facilities in Passugg have been using 100% ecological, hydro-generated electricity since 2011, and also why our products in PET and glass bottles are 100% climate-neutral.