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Customised labels

Customised labels

Since 2009, Passugger and Allegra have been available with customised labels. This service is unique in Switzerland. It means that we can offer firms the opportunity to not only present their clients with a refreshing gift, but also to communicate individual messages.

Surprise and indulge clients and guests with your “in-house” mineral water. The options are endless: Client gifts, giveaways for the journey home, trade shows, cultural events, celebrations, sporting events and so much more!

Ihr Kontakt für Individual-Etiketten:

To make it as easy as possible for you to plan and design your customised labels, we take personal care of your order. Our staff member Consuelo Venzin, who has worked for the company for many years, will assist you with the process from start to finish, that is, from your initial enquiry through to the delivery of your customised bottles of mineral water.

Ms Consuelo Venzin
Tel. 081 256 50 53

How does it work?

You send us your text, image and logo, and we design and print your customised labels. The mineral water is bottled fresh from the spring, and the labels are attached to the PET bottles. Your “in-house” mineral water is ready! The water will be delivered via your beverage distributor. We also coordinate transport.

Our range In the 30 cl and 50 cl PET bottle

 Our range In the 30 cl and 50 cl PET bottle


For more than 400 years, Passugger has gushed from the legendary Theophil spring in the wild and rugged Rabiusa Gorge. This healthy, natural mineral water is characterised by its well-balanced mineralisation.


The water from the ALLEGRA spring in Malix is deeply stowed in loam strata, flowing to the surface through fissures in the Graubünden slate. ALLEGRA is still, reserved and modest in character.


Mineral water is sourced from the ALLEGRA spring and then lightly carbonated. The subtle mineralisation of ALLEGRA FININ imparts a refined and enchanting character, just as the name suggests.

Have we piqued your interest?

Ms Consuelo Venzin will
be available to answer your
questions on

+41 81 256 50 53
or via email at info(at)passugger.ch.