Nine years have passed since Passugger returned into independent Bündner hands. And we are grateful and satisfied. In these eight years, wa have transformed a lot but by no means changed everything. On the contrary! Passugger and Allegra are proven and established brands that demand stability. Our past history, with its rich company tradition, our environment and surrounding nature, all of this deserves due respect.

During these eight years, we have developed continually and calmly, launching many innovations: our attractively shaped PET bottles, for example, or our distinctive Special Edition 77 cl bottles made of glass, individualised labels, enabling our customers to drink "their own" mineral water, the "Passugger Climaqua Funds" that we have created or the conversion of our bottling plant to operate 100 % with green electricity.

But it is our homeland region of Graubünden itself that has made our history possible in the first place, an awareness that we not only take into account constantly, but this year in a particular way: we are happy to contribute, in partnership with the town of Chur, to the refurbishing of the Theaterplatz square, thus enabling us to give something back to the inhabitants of Chur.




Urs Schmid


Südostschweiz Newmedia AG